Why Us

New to London? Don't know anyone? Want a flexible short term solution, without the hassle of bills and ridiculous administration fees? If so, then renting a room is without a doubt the best solution for you.


Right Room have a wide selection of high end, fully inclusive studio/ensuite and double bedrooms available, in excellent locations around London, close to transport links with great connectivity to all Central hubs.


Like you, we LOVE London.


We strive to offer all of our applicants a solution where all bills are taken care of, there is super fast broadband in the property and a cleaner comes at least once every two weeks.


As well as this, we aim to bring together like minded professionals into the property, in order to facilitate a friendly and sociable environment.


How it works

Step 1: Meet at our office - this is our initial face to face meeting and the first opportunity to build a relationship, more importantly trust. We’ve heard the horror agent stories, which is why we pride ourselves on transparency.


Step 2: Find your perfect room - We work with you, based on your search requirements to scour our extensive portfolio of rooms and find the best room for you. This is based on a number of critical components and unlike many other agents, we outline both the pros and cons of each room you view. Again, transparency and honesty are absolutely key!


Step 3: Reserve the room - Once you’ve found your ideal room, you can reserve it easily and safely via a number of different methods, including via our website, paypal or card machine. Once done, you will have an online confirmation and a receipt for your records, ensuring that you are fully protected and aware of what’s required to move in.


Step 4: Move in - Once referencing is complete - you move into your property.


Step 5: After care - Comprehensive induction and inventory system, dedicated account manager and online portal to report any problems/issues. We’ve been doing this for a while and we understand that problems will crop up, our aim is to eliminate and deal with any issues as soon as they crop up. Furthermore, we provide a FREE cleaner, Free wifi and complementary perks.


Step 6: Move Out: Once you decide to vacate, we aim to refund your deposit within 21 working days. Prior to check out, we send an extensive check out checklist to help you comply with all the requirements of moving out, ensuring you get your full deposit back.


Our entire tenant process is virtual and documented for ease of access for both us and you.

The Right Room Guarantee...

We’ve got your back!


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is my deposit refundable?

A: Our holding deposit terms are provided alongside all offer letters, however, the holding deposit is only refunded to you, if we, or the landlord, are unable to deliver on the room. You do NOT get refunded, if you change your mind once the HD is paid.


Q: Can I view properties in person?

A: We are an online estate agency that offer online viewings with professional photographs, floor plans and, in almost all cases, a video of each property. Our rooms are checked and maintained to a high standard. The properties are also all in top central London locations, which means you are well connected and live in the heart of the city. That said we want to match you with the best possible room for you and appreciate that it’s sometimes difficult to know in advance how much you like a room, neighbourhood or your flatmates. Furthermore, we pride ourselves on being honest about both the pro’s and cons of each room. As a result, we can provide a 100% guarantee that the room you view is exactly the room you will move into.


Q: Can I make a conditional offer, request additional furniture or offer at a reduced price than what the room is advertised at?

A: Of course! We will require a holding deposit to put the offer forward to the landlord, however, if the conditions are not agreed upon, you will be refunded in full.


Q: Can I view the contract, prior to paying a holding deposit?

A: Yes, you can request your agent at the viewing to show you the contract, which they will have in physical form. Once the HD is paid, we attach a draft contract within the receipt, for your convenience. Unfortunately, we do not send over the contract electronically, or allow you to keep it, prior to the HD being received.


Q: What if I have to leave before the end of my contract?

A: All of our tenancies are assignable, meaning you can vacate before the end of the tenancy, if you find a replacement tenant. Alternatively, we can help you with a tenant search, however, you will be liable for rent until a replacement is found.


Q: Do you provide bedding and pillows?

A: Unfortunately, we do not. However, this may vary, depending on the property. Ask your agent!